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4GIFT: the digital giftUpdated a month ago

Want to gift without the risk of messing up? 4GIFT is a digital gift service that allows the recipient to choose the gift directly.

It's very simple!

Choose the product you want to gift from the showcase, select the size and color you think the recipient might like, and click on “ SEND A 4GIFT.” A window will open, click on “CONTINUE WITH GIFT.” 

You are now inside the 4GIFT site. Follow the instructions and then indicate the name of the recipient; choose whether to send them an e-mail or the link; personalize the greeting message or record a small video; you can share the purchase with up to 10 people.

Finally, as you continue, you will need to enter your details and payment method.

Now what happens?

The recipient receives the email or link, opens the gift, and can decide to keep it as is, change its size and color, or change the item. Finally, by entering their address, they can receive the gift at their doorstep. 

Remember: Payment is not effective until the recipient confirms the gift, that is, after opening the link/mail and confirming/changing the item. Until they perform these actions, the credit is only retained. 

At the moment, we do not provide a gift box for 4GIFT purchases. 

Still have some doubts? Check out 4GIFT's FAQ.

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