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How can I request a return?Updated 3 months ago

Start the return process by clicking hereThe link will be opened in a new tab, so you can check the instructions below.

Once you open the link, you'll be on this page:

Here you must write:

  • The order number (also without #SU-) in the first box;
  • The e-mail linked to the order or the postal code of the shipping address is in the second box.

You can find your order number here:

  • In the e-mail you received as order confirmation,
  • In your profile, under Your Orders,.

Now fill in the return forms by following the instructions below:

CHOOSE ITEM: At this stage, select the items you wish to return and the reason why; if your order contains several items and you need to make a new return, use the create button.

RESOLVE: Here, choose the desired refund method; currently, only "refund on original payment method" is available.

SHIP: Now choose how you would like to ship your return:

Ship with a returns label: we will send you a prepaid TNT FedEx label;
• Ship with any carrier of your choice; in this case, you pay for the shipment.
Return to a retail store: you can take your return to one of the group's shops;

** See also How can I ship my return? for more information.

REVIEW: Make sure that all the information provided is correct and click SEND

Warning: The choice of shipping mode is irrevocable; it is not possible, once confirmed, to change it.

We will send you an update notification for each status of your return:

  Confirmation of the receipt of the return request;

Confirmation of accepted return that comes with instructions and documents;

Don't worry if you don't receive the accepted return confirmation immediately; this task may take up to 24 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. 

Confirmation of the refund issued.

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See also: How can I ship my return?

If you need further assistance, please check the other questions or Contact us

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