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Can I substitute/exchange one or more items?

No, exchanges are not currently possible; if one or more of the products you bought do not fit and you would like a different color or size, you can proceed with a return and then a new purchase. See also: How can I request a return?. If you need fur

What are the return conditions?

The following requirements must be met in order to request a return:. it must be submitted within 30 days* following the order's delivery. The item must:. be brand new, never worn, and merely tried on**;. not to be washed;. still bear the tag;. have

How can I request a return?

Start the return process by clicking here. The link will be opened in a new tab, so you can check the instructions below. Once you open the link, you'll be on this page:. Here you must write:. You can find your order number here:. Now fill in the ret

How much does the return costs?

The return is free if you choose the options:. • Ship with a free return label • Return to a retail store. The return is not free - but depends on the chosen carrier, if you choose the option:. • Ship with any carrier of your choice (you pay for the

How can I ship my return?

Below you will find all available ways to ship your return. Shipping from Italy. If you have chosen “Ship with a return label”. • You’ll receive a free shipping label with TNT FedEx;• The courier will attempt a collection the first business day after

What should I do if I received a defective item?

If you found any defects in one or more of the items you ordered, please contact us immediately no later than 30 days from receiving the parcel. We'll take back your item and it will be treated as a return. By contacting us please provide:. We will p

How can I book a new pickup with TNT FedEx?

Option only available for returns shipped from ITALY. If you have requested a return with the TNT FedEx prepaid label, please note that the label is valid 7 days from its issue**. During these 7 days:. 🚚 The first pickup attempt will take place on t